Friday, June 17, 2011

How Do YOU Shop?

Last night, while reveling in the fact that I had actually won an auction on Ebay (without someone outbidding me with 2 seconds left...grrrr I hate that!), I started to wonder about other people's shopping habits, specifically for beauty items.

In all honesty, my main goal when shopping is to save money, and get the best price possible. So, before I plunk down any dough on higher end cosmetics like MAC, Nars, etc., I always check to see if there is a sale going on, or any coupon codes for their website. Generally, I prefer to actually go to a store or makeup counter to pick up whatever beauty item of the moment that I absolutely must have. However, more and more, I have found myself ordering online (for the joy of that package arriving at my doorstep, perhaps?). I mean, it's more convenient, and I don't have to fight lines or traffic or a store being out of stock of the item...and more importantly, so I don't give my (wonderful) husband a chance to say "Why do you need more makeup again?" :-p

Now, after I check for those coupon codes or sales online, my next stop is...Ebay. I always check to see if a seller has my item for a better price. More times than not, I'll find the better deal with the item's official website, but occasionally, Ebay wins out for value. I know alot of people are leery about online shopping, especially on Ebay, but *knocks on wood* I've never encountered a problem. All the items I have bought off of Ebay have been authentic, and in great condition (and yes, I am very well versed in how to spot a fake- no 180 "MAC" eyeshadow palettes for me!); anytime I've had a slight problem with an item, the seller is always willing to refund or exchange an item, and even refund the difference if their price has gone down during the auction. Plus, Ebay has a protection policy in place for the buyer, where if the item you bought was in a worse condition than the seller advertised it for, or the item was a fake, you will be refunded (please check Ebay's site for more details on the policy). Luckily, I've never had to go down that avenue with any seller, and I've been buying items off of Ebay for about ten years now.

So, that brings me to my question: How do you shop for items? Do you strictly stick to going to the store, or do you prefer to get it online? Have you ever ordered things off of Ebay, or other discount sites? Was it a good experience, or have you been burned? Like I said, I've had very good luck with buying online, even on sites like Ebay or websites that sell discounted high end cosmetic items, but I realize that some people don't know how to spot the fake items that alot of websites are pushing.

Chalk it up to my sometimes nosy nature, but I would love to know your experiences and preferences when buying items, cosmetics in particular :-) Leave a comment below, or feel free to email me!

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day weekend!!!

*Disclaimer: Photo is not my own, it was found here:
I am not affiliated with any of the companies/brands mentioned, and all opinions are 150% my own. All items mentioned were bought by me, with my own hard earned money that probably should have been used on something more practical, but oh well...


  1. Great post. I'm not a huge online shopper, I get inpatient waiting for the products to arrive. I like to see the products and test them out in the shop then purchase them. I get much more excited and a thrill when shopping in stores. (I have a shopping addiction haha) x

  2. I would prefer to do online shopping rather going to in Market.


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