Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who Wouldn't Want Free Or Discounted Cosmetics???

I know I do!

If you want to get the chance to win some awesome prizes, go check out the lovely Danielle's blog giveaway here:

I mean, just look at all the wonderful things she's giving away:

Doesn't it all look scrumptious??? ;-)
Follow her blog, enter the giveaway, and spend some time on her won't regret it!

And, don't forget to go over to Cherry Culture and stock up on NYX Cosmetics; they are having their 50% off sale! Sale ends May 8th, so hurry over!

Happy Shopping, good luck on entering Danielle's giveaway, and have a wonderful day!!! :-)

*By the way, I am no affiliated with any of the brands/companies mentioned, and photos are credited to: and

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  1. Thank you for making this post! Don't forget to enter the contestant yourself.

    Sweet As Honey


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